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My newest novel--SLIPPING AWAY--is available now in digital format on the website of your favorite e-book seller.


The forty-five minute drive on a bright early October morning afforded him time to think. Debating the wisdom of his strategy, as he’d been doing non-stop for days, waned halfway to the valley allowing his mind to wander onto paths he hadn’t been down in a while.

Andrea would be less than pleased that he knew what he did about...



About Scott

Steeped in the passions my mother and father held to as high achievers, I count a love of words and language as well as the ideals of commerce and business as my foundational ethos. While pledging thirty of my adult years to the corporate world, I maintained faithful obsession to the ebb and flow of creativity. Today I'm fortunate enough to pursue a writer's muse through the prism of experience with people and places worldwide that have fired my imagination. I now reside in unfettered proximity to the most prominent sources of inspiration in my life—Debbie and the vistas of southern Utah.